Our Works - Convergence 2015

Convergence is a website that was designed as a Single Page Responsive design with a number of static and dynamic sections. It has a page called WishBox which had internal hashtagging feature. In addition it has a personalized blog with internal hashtagging feature, widget for WishBox and facebook page. We have also developed a CMS for the host to
  • Know and download the registrant details
  • Update Registrants who have paid
  • Statics of Registrants against data of total members
  • Moderate the Wishes from the WishBox
  • Blog manager enabled to create, edit and delete posts
It also had all the links with extension .kuhu as a part of showcasing their Brand Ambassador, the cute darling Kuhu

Convergence 2015 a conference conducted by Division B District 82 Toasmasters is to give a distinctly new conference experience in terms of variety and quality, that makes the Toastmasters develop rapport also with people outside their own clubs, making them think out-of-the-box and make their thoughts & deeds converge towards one single feeling called 'Toastmasters'.